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Simulation of Pedestrians, Traffic, and Public Transport at an Airport Curbside

Enviado em 15/10/2010

This video shows a PTV Vissim simulation of a forecourt as for a railway station or an airport. Here multiple transport modes appear within a short range and also interact with each other. VISSIM can handle all this in a multi-modal traffic simulation. It includes in one simulation software the ability to simulate individual motorized traffic of any kind, public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians -- and even other vehicles such as rickshaws as well.

All these modes of traffic and transportation are not only simulated next to each other, but they can interact. Simply spoken: pedestrians can cross streets, operate traffic lights and board to and alight from buses, trains and trams.

This allows for a wide range of applications ranging from signal control optimization to passenger transfer times in stations; from arterial benefit assessment to emergency egress simulation; from BRT to PRT (Bus Rapid Transit to Personal Rapid Transit); and from C2X to LRT (car-to-infrastructure communication to Light Rail Transit).
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