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IDEIA GENIAL - Bus boarder platform - ZICLA - A raised bus stop that improves accessibility at bus stops.

Publicado em 21/02/2014
Raised Bus Stop | Boarding Platform that improves accessibility at bus stops

A raised bus stop that improves accessibility at bus stops. The Bus Boarder is comprised of a collection of interconnected units, an external curb that provides high visibility both day and night due to its painted strips and detachable connector grids that adjust to the original curb. All made with highly resistant, durable, 100% recycled plastic. It is easily installed with no excavation and minimal disruption to pedestrian and traffic.


Easy to assemble and disassemble. There is no need for a crane or specialised equipment; a standard unit (3 x 1.70 m) fits on a euro-palette.

The bus boarder is highly resistant against high impacts and heavy loads. Its modular design and tough connecting bolts ensure a tight fixture and avoid lateral movements.

Eco-label: Environmental Quality Assurance Award

Selected as a "Good Practice" by International Design for All Foundation Awards 2014

Manufactured in Spain.

First year of production: 2009

Patented product: 200930858


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