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Why Not Monorail? (2000)

Publicado em 17 de jun de 2014
Is monorail 'just a ride' or can it serve as safe, fast and economic rail transit system? This year 2000 video, produced by The Monorail Society, was filmed and written by myself and edited by Karl Parker. While the listing of monorails has changed considerably since 2000, the basic arguments laid out for monorail remain largely the same. Proof in hardware? Have a look at the many new monorail systems built and now under construction since 'Why Not Monorail?' was produced:
2001-Tokyo Resort Monorail
2003-Kuala Lumpur Monorail
2003-Okinawa Monorail
2004-Las Vegas Monorail
2004-Moscow Monorail
2011-Chongqing Monorail
2014-Mumbai Monorail
2014-Daegu Monorail
2014-Sao Paulo Line 15
2014-Qom Monorail
2014-Xi'an Monorail
2015-Sao Paulo Line 17
2015-Riyadh KAFD
Numerous other monorails are in advanced planning, with construction to begin soon. All this activity proves that monorails are NOT 'just a ride!' For further information, visit The Monorail Society website at monorails.org . If you like this video, please click above on my name for more monorail videos, as well as other interesting topics. Subscribers welcome!
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