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Sistema integrado e multimodal - Car, Bike or Public Transport

Publicado em 04/09/2012
This is a piece I did for 7 News about traffic issues in Brisbane. My Partner Nicicole, myself and a journalist all took various forms of transport to work. I rode, Nikki drove and the journo took the bus.
What is evident is just the sheer volume of single occupant vehicles, the issues with public transport and just how riding a bike dominates in areas of time, health.
Also of note is these points. For the riding there is end destination facilities both for showering and storage of bike.
The same is said for Nikki. There is potential for her trip to be longer as her role allows her a car space. Do note her workplace offers end destination facilities for bicycles as well- she works for News Ltd.
Her reason for not riding is evident in the video as you can see the bike lane is very narrow, you will also note the various drains which occupy most of the bike lane (dangerous in wet and can catch your wheel in dry)
Brisbane and its drivers in my view are pretty good, there are some silly buggers, but this is also true of some cyclists as well- we are not saints.
I believe a piece like this demonstrates that there are ways we can interact safely or as safe as a "traffic" situation allows.
What would be interesting would have been to get a piece from traffic police included and see what they had to contribute around high traffic volumes contributing to accidents and highly avoidable accidents which are caused by distractions founded in frustration and axiety from "dead time" sitting in traffic.
There is also the catch phrase of "you are not in traffic, you ARE traffic!"
All views welcome

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