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Shaping Transportation: Adressing Transport Transformation through Modelling, Dr. Tom van Vuren

Publicado em 19/06/2013
Dr. Tom van Vuren: Adressing Transport Transformation through Modelling

The presentation will build on the topic and presentations of the Shaping Transportation conference and explore modelling approaches that might be suitable to support all levels of decision-making in search of long-term urban sustainability and recognising the importance of reflecting all three pillars of sustainability. I will consider challenges, for example the need for extremely fast turnaround times for incident management, our desire to reflect complex and irrational decision-making by travelers, and the expectation that we should allow for long-term uncertainties in the determinants of transport demand and operations, but also the opportunities offered by different model approaches and new data sources.

For the past 30 years Dr. Tom van Vuren has worked at the interface between academic research and practical implementation of transport modelling techniques. His main interest is the application of best practice transport modelling to support decision-making, searching for improvements in both methods and underlying data sources. He has published widely and has contributed to guidance for the UK Department for Transport.

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