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monotrilhos - Japão

Publicado em 26/04/2013
Part 1 of 5, featuring the video's introduction, Ueno Zoo Monorail and Inuyama Monorail. 'Monorails of Japan' was The Monorail Society's groundbreaking first video, produced to feature monorail technology where it was being used the most. At the time, Japan had embraced monorail technology more than any other country in the world. In the decades since, monorails have been built in numerous other cities around the world. New monorails are being built as we upload this five part video and more are planned. Please note: this was videotaped in 1990 and released on tape in 1992. Several monorails featured here have been expanded and two major systems have since opened in Japan (Tama Monorail and Okinawa Monorail). 'Monorails of Japan 2003' is a newer, professional DVD produced by David M. Ice for The Monorail Society. It is available in the Monorail Store at monorails.org.
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